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Aldemaro Romero Lp SOLD
Artist: Aldemaro Romero
Title: La Onda Maxima
Label: Onda Nueva, Venezuela
Year: 1972 (LP)
Vinyl Condition: VG++
Sleeve Condition: VG++

Great lp by the prolific venezuelan composer Aldemaro
Romero creator of the style "Onda Nueva" a mix of jazz,
bossa & traditional venezuelan joropo.

Brazilian Groove Lp SOLD
Artist: Arrigo Barnabé
Title: Clara crocodilo
Label: Ariola, Brazil (LP)
Year: 1983
Vinyl Condition: VG(+)
Sleeve Condition: VG+(+)

First Arrigo Barnabé record with his band "a Banda Sabor
de Veneno". Great lp, difficult to describe, kind of arty
experimental post jazz funk ! There s a click at the beginning
of the first track and and in the middle (a few seconds), rest
of the record plays vg+.

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