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Aldemaro Romero Lp
Artist: Aldemaro Romero
Title: La Onda Maxima
Label: Onda Nueva, Venezuela
Year: 1972 (LP)
Vinyl Condition: VG++
Sleeve Condition: VG++
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Great lp by the prolific venezuelan composer Aldemaro
Romero creator of the style "Onda Nueva" a mix of jazz,
bossa & traditional venezuelan joropo.

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Brazilian Groove Lp SOLD
Artist: Arrigo Barnabé
Title: Clara crocodilo
Label: Ariola, Brazil (LP)
Year: 1983
Vinyl Condition: VG(+)
Sleeve Condition: VG+(+)

First Arrigo Barnabé record with his band "a Banda Sabor
de Veneno". Great lp, difficult to describe, kind of arty
experimental post jazz funk ! There s a click at the beginning
of the first track and and in the middle (a few seconds), rest
of the record plays vg+.

jazz samba lp SOLD
Artist: Stan Ziller
Title: Todo Brasil
Label: Zafiro, Ecuador (LP)
Year: 197?
Vinyl Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG+(+)

Great brazilian lp by Stan Ziller y su orquesta. Cool
versions of bossa nova classics like "Samba de una nota
so" or "So danco samba" but the best of this lp is the
incredible cover of "Saudade da Bahia" with an
irresistible samba in part 2.

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